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Icomera services

The Icomera Way allows Icomera to deliver a range of services across various packages tailored to meet operators’ needs. We work with a range of partners to deliver cutting edge solutions that are robust and designed to work over the long term.

Passenger Wi-Fi


As public Wi-Fi availability grows, passengers increasingly expect to be in constant communication with their work or social networks, wherever they are. We have reached a point now where Wi-Fi is deemed to be an essential offering for operators.

Strong, fast and reliable, Icomera’s passenger Wi-Fi service has been installed on tens of thousands of buses, coaches, trains, trams and water vehicles across the globe, serving millions of passengers every week.

Passenger Infotainment


Keep your passengers entertained with onboard infotainment. Available services can be tailored to your needs, with films, games, audiobooks and much more. Media files can be stored locally on the onboard Icomera hardware, improving the speed of access to the content while also reducing the potential mobile data costs associated with streaming media to passengers.

Real-Time Information


RTI applications deliver a more attractive public transport experience by connecting the passenger to useful travel information in real-time either via in-vehicle displays or through mobile web portals.

Our RTI solutions can, for example, utilise live data feeds from connected onboard devices to update passengers on their expected arrival time, or direct passengers on a busy train to their nearest free seat. Those planning to join the service at the next stop can track the progress of the vehicle via their smart device and make an informed decision about when they need to leave their home or office.

Vehicle Connectivity


Icomera’s Vehicle Connectivity delivers a fast, reliable mobile data connection to and from a moving vehicle. Our technology maximises the stability, uptime and data throughput of your connection by intelligently aggregating parallel data networks. This enables us to deliver an unrivaled connected capacity for your passengers and support for your onboard systems.

Fleet Management


Using our in-vehicle cellular routers’ built-in GPS, Icomera Fleet Management allows you to see exactly where your vehicles are: crucial information for transport operators looking to maintain or improve schedule adherence.

Additionally, our passenger counting applications use onboard CCTV systems to automatically count the number of passengers using public transport. Accurate automated passenger counting helps transport operators to optimise the availability of vehicles and plan new timetables and routes.

A reliable Fleet Management system can reduce operational costs associated with allocating and training staff to perform these tasks manually and offers improved accuracy.

Eco Driving


All of our applications aim to promote environmentally friendly transport habits by improving the public transport experience.

Our eco-driving apps support this goal more directly by reducing the size of the carbon footprint created by operating and maintaining public transport vehicles. Our eco-driving apps intelligently measure fuel overconsumption through speed, brake and idle information while factoring in vehicle, surface and weather characteristics.

This data can be fed back to drivers in real-time, promoting efficient driving behaviour and reducing fuel and maintenance costs.



Icomera’s telematics apps allow transport operators to remotely monitor and maintain their onboard network, identifying faulty components while the vehicle is still out in service. Configuration issues can then be fixed remotely or replacement parts can be ordered before the vehicle comes in for maintenance, ultimately reducing the time that the vehicle is out of action.

Safety & Security


Use your vehicle’s Internet connection to improve the safety of your passengers. With the Icomera CCTV service, footage can be directly streamed to headquarters or offloaded wirelessly when vehicles reach depots. Camera status can also be remotely monitored to keep your journeys as safe as possible.