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An early adopter proving that onboard Wi-Fi is a ‘win-win situation’ for both the operator and the passenger. Over a decade of innovation, offering more to passengers and making the case for investing in connectivity.


The Challenge

  • Add extra value to drive passenger numbers
  • Need for reliable, consistent service
  • Capacity for further applications

Scale: 99 trains

Delivery: First solution deployed in 2003


The Solution

  • Works in a changeable environment
  • Offers competitive edge
  • Easily upgradable

Services Delivered

Passenger Wi-Fi

Fleet Management


The Results

  • Significant attraction of passengers away from car and air travel
  • 7 million users in the last year
  • 2 million new passengers attracted by Wi-Fi service

What the Customer Says:

SJ has reported that the passenger Wi-Fi service is directly responsible for an estimated 2 million extra passengers, bringing in a significant amount of new revenue for SJ.

The revenue generated by these additional passengers easily outstrips the costs of offering the service, even with exceptionally popular usage, contributing to a substantial profit margin.

What We Say:

Our work with SJ is a long-standing partnership; we provide them with a solution that will satisfy all their immediate needs, and then go the extra step to keep them ahead of the curve, competitive and continuing to benefit.

SJ was one of the earliest adopters of onboard Wi-Fi, and it has paid off for them many times over. What’s more, they have proven that mobile Internet is something that benefits both the operator and the passenger: a win-win situation.

Mats Karlsson
Head of Innovation

Marina Haldorsson

Channel Sales Manager

Marina Haldorsson
+46 733 765 778